Red Slime Stain Remover NANO

For those battling the dreaded cyanobacteria also known as red slime algae, you have probably come across products like Red Slime Stain Remover. To make the process of dosing easier for, the company will be releasing Red Slime Stain Remover NANO that comes with comes with five premeasured dissolving capsules.

Each capsule treats will treat five gallons and therefore one pouch will give you enough to treat 25 gallons. The package will be a resealable waterproof pouch just in case you don’t need the full dose. We can see where this would come in handy and would like to potentially see larger quantities as well for larger aquariums or to have some on hand to treat more than 25 gallons.

“Mag-Tastic” Magnetic Holder

"Mag-Tastic" Aquarium Magnetic Holder (2 sets)

Ultralife Reef Products is introducing its Mag-Tastic magnetic aquarium holder. The simple, yet the handy design is designed to hold a wide range of aquarium gizmos in place.

Available in a set of one or two holders, the new Mag-Tastic is an extra-strong, epoxy coated magnet to hold hoses, probes, switches, heaters, spray bars, or any other object you need to stay in place.

The magnet appears to have a plastic mount that allows you to use a standard zip-tie to secure the object in place. Although we did not see the maximum aquarium thickness listed on the package, with one size, this should fit on most aquariums up to 5/8 in. thick.

“The Tank Boss” ATO

"The Tank Boss ATO" Premium Automatic Top Off and Leak Detection

The Ultimate ATO-In-A-Box

The Tank Boss from UltraLife is an intriguing auto top off (ATO) with a bunch of handy features built in. As technology is getting more sophisticated, we are starting to see a few devices consolidated into one and that is what the Tank Boss ATO is with a top off, level control and leak detection in one box.

Integrated with a digital timer, triple redundant safeties and an audible alarm in case all hell breaks loose. With six Reed float switches, you are able to keep track of all your levels and alerts you when needed. The Tank Boss has both Safties and alerts if you have low water to shut off your pumps and heaters. Also, there is overflow safety for either your tank, sump or skimmer. Another nice touch is the leak detection sensor with alarm to let you know if the aquarium starts to leak for whatever reason.

The Tank Boss runs on low voltage 12VDC and comes with a 3 ft. power cord and cabling, but there are 6 ft. extensions available in case you need to route your sensors or float switches. The unit retails for $299 and may seem like a steep price tag for a simple ATO, but with the additional features, you might find this to be a great value.

“UltraZone” Dual UV and Ozonizer

"Ultrazone DUAL" Ozone & UV Sterilizer (PRO) with Electronic Ballast

The UltraZone DUAL is a combination Ozone generator and Ultraviolet sterilizer all in one. In case you weren’t aware, most Ozone (O3) generators work by generating UV light or a corona discharge – the energetic light splits O2 with the lonesome oxygen molecules combining with un-split O2 to create short-lived O3. Since most ozone generators already have a UV light at their core, Ultralife Reef Products got the idea to harvest the sanitizing properties of both the UV and the Ozone in the Ultrazone DUAL.

The Ultrazone DUAL combination UV sterilizer and ozone generator uses an electronic 40 Watt VHO Ultraviolet light which produces 360 mg of ozone per hour. The Ultrazone DUAL will come in two models, a standard and a pro version, both of which can handle up to 1500 gallons per hour, but that kind of flow rate won’t do much for zapping fish parasites with UV light.

The Standard Ultrazone DUAL model allows for continuous UV & Ozone production or when used with an ORP controller, both the UV & Ozone production turn on & off when the controller calls for ozone. The PRO Ultrazone DUAL model utilizes a specialized switching configuration that allows the UV production to be continuous while an ORP controller turns the ozone part on & off as needed. Pricing on the Ultrazone DUAL from Ultralife is competitive and affordable.