“The Tank Boss” ATO

"The Tank Boss ATO" Premium Automatic Top Off and Leak Detection

The Ultimate ATO-In-A-Box

The Tank Boss from UltraLife is an intriguing auto top off (ATO) with a bunch of handy features built in. As technology is getting more sophisticated, we are starting to see a few devices consolidated into one and that is what the Tank Boss ATO is with a top off, level control and leak detection in one box.

Integrated with a digital timer, triple redundant safeties and an audible alarm in case all hell breaks loose. With six Reed float switches, you are able to keep track of all your levels and alerts you when needed. The Tank Boss has both Safties and alerts if you have low water to shut off your pumps and heaters. Also, there is overflow safety for either your tank, sump or skimmer. Another nice touch is the leak detection sensor with alarm to let you know if the aquarium starts to leak for whatever reason.

The Tank Boss runs on low voltage 12VDC and comes with a 3 ft. power cord and cabling, but there are 6 ft. extensions available in case you need to route your sensors or float switches. The unit retails for $299 and may seem like a steep price tag for a simple ATO, but with the additional features, you might find this to be a great value.

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